Mav Paw (Strawberry Lemonade)



Product Description

Style: Hard Seltzer

ABV: 5%

IBUs: 1


What is a Hard Seltzer: Hard seltzer, spiked seltzer or hard sparkling water is a type of highball drink containing carbonated water, alcohol, and often fruit flavoring. The

alcohol is usually made by fermenting cane sugar; sometimes malted barley is used. The alcohol by volume is around 5% and the calorie-content is relatively low.

How Mav Paw was made: The process is nearly identical to making a beer. Mav Paw was made using Malt Extract alongside Dextrose for sugar sources. The ingredients were combined in the brewhouse and then boiled to sterilize the liquid. The liquid is then sent to a fermenter where it is combined with yeast and yeast nutrient, and allowed to ferment to completion. Mav Paw was filtered twice, removing residual yeast and other haze forming particles, leaving a brilliantly clear beverage.


Appearance: Perfectly clear with a white head that fades and a subtle yellow hue

Aroma: Light hint of strawberry with some mild white grape

Taste: Crisp and clean, with bold lemonade and soft strawberry flavor

Mouthfeel: Light bodied, effervescent, crisp

Finish: Clean and dry with a hit of lime


Who you would recommend this seltzer to?

Anyone who is a fan of White Claw or RTD’s will love our seltzer. For guests looking for something light in flavour and calories, this is a great choice. Mav Paw is 133 Calories per 335ml serving, or 180 per 473ml can.


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