Handcrafted Lager

ABV: 5%              Style: Vienna Lager              IBUs: 14

Vienna inspired lager, brewed with Vienna & German specialty malts. Aromas of toasted cereal grains lead into flavours of bread and light caramel. A soft, rounding mouthfeel that finishes quick and clean.

Enforcer IPA

ABV: 7%               Style: India Pale Ale                IBU: 50

Anyone who thinks they do not like an IPA will change their mind after tasting the Enforcer. This is a juicy, dry-hopped, fruity IPA that has tons of aroma and hop flavour without that “slap you in the face” bitterness. Citrusy with notes of tropical fruit, this beer is delightfully easy drinking for an IPA – the IPA for summer!

Mav Lite

ABV: 4.2%              Style: Light Lager              IBUs: 10

     Mav Lite is Northern Mavericks answer to “What If a craft brewery made a light lager?”  Designed to be easy drinking and appeal to a wide variety of beer drinkers, Mav Lite is  the perfect every day beer.  Light hop aromas are followed by flavours of cereal grains and a touch of honey. A crisp  and clean finish is accompanied by a mild bitterness. Refreshing! 

Mav Paw (Strawberry Lemonade)

ABV: 5%              Style: Hard Seltzer              IBUs: N/A

  Mav Paw, our hard seltzer is made with premium ingredients and no artificial flavourings or colours.  Perfectly clear with a white head that fades and a subtle pink hue.  Crisp and clean, with a light hint of strawberry and lemon.

   Red Wine Barrel Aged Tart of Darkness

            ABV: 6%              Style: Barrel Aged Dark Sour           IBUs: 10

This Belgian inspired Dark Sour ale was aged for 1 years in California Pinot Noir barrels. Aromas of red wine, chocolate, and red fruits are accompanied by flavours of chocolate, oak, caramel, lemon, vanilla and apple. Finishes clean with a lingering acidity.


            ABV: 4.8%              Style: Oatmeal Stout            IBUs: 15

A full bodied Oatmeal stout. Brewed with oats comprising 40% of the grist, this stout is smooth and easy going with notes of Chocolate, Coffee, and Roasted barley. 


            ABV: 6%              Style: Sparkling Ale w/Fruit          IBUs: 10

This dry sparkling ale is our tribute to the legendary brunch cocktail, the Mimosa. We took a brut ale hopped with German varietals Mandarina Bavaria and Hallertau Blanc, and conditioned it on tons of real Tangerine and Cara Cara Orange puree. The result is a beautifully citrusy ale with bright aromas of orange and tangerine, with a crisp dry finish.

Heart of Tartness

            ABV: 5.2%              Style: Dry Hopped Sour w/Fruit        IBUs: 10

A Dry Hopped Sour Ale brewed with 10kg of fresh Ginger, and conditioned on tons of real Cranberry and Tangerine. Bright citrus aromas, well balanced tartness, and a hit of spicy ginger make this a refreshingly juicy and tart brew. This rosy pink sour drinks like a liquid sweet tart!

Tripel Axl

            ABV: 9.2%              Style: Belgian Tripel        IBUs: 35

A Belgian inspired Tripel. Our version of this Belgian classic features notes of Clove, Banana, and Bubble Gum. Smooth and deceptively easy drinking.

Tsar Wars

            ABV: 8%      Style: Imperial Oatmeal Stout        IBUs: 30

A luscious Imperial Stout brewed with an exorbitant amount of oats. Deep aromas of Coffee, Bakers Chocolate, Roasted Nuts, and Black Liquorice are wrapped up in a silky-smooth package. On the palate: rich chocolate and coffee are backed by a burnt sugar sweetness and balanced roasted malt bitterness. Smooth, warming, and delectable. 

Maine Squeeze

ABV: 6.8%              Style: New England IPA        IBUs: 40

This New England IPA features big notes of Citrus, White Grape, Melon, and Del Monte Fruit cups. Super soft with a medium full bodied, this beer is intensely fruity and easy drinking. Brewed with Eclipse, Mosaic, and Bru-1 hops.

 Double Enforcer 

            ABV: 9.5%              Style: Double IPA       IBUs: 85

For those days when a regular Enforcer just doesn’t quite cut it, double down on a Double Enforcer! All the glory of our original Enforcer IPA with a much hoppier wallop. Aromas of citrus and mixed tropical fruits are followed by candied citrus, peach, and grapefruit notes on the palate. This monster DIPA is deceptively smooth and easy drinking.