Handcrafted Lager

     ABV: 5%   Style: Vienna Lager              IBUs: 14

Vienna inspired lager, brewed with Vienna & German specialty malts. Aromas of toasted cereal grains lead into flavours of bread and light caramel. A soft, rounding mouthfeel that finishes quick and clean.

Enforcer IPA

     ABV: 7%   Style: India Pale Ale                IBU: 50

Anyone who thinks they do not like an IPA will change their mind after tasting the Enforcer. This is a juicy, dry-hopped, fruity IPA that has tons of aroma and hop flavour without that “slap you in the face” bitterness. Citrusy with notes of tropical fruit, this beer is delightfully easy drinking for an IPA – the IPA for summer!

Mav Lite

     ABV: 4.2% Style: Light Lager              IBUs: 10

     Mav Lite is Northern Mavericks answer to “What If a craft brewery made a light lager?”  Designed to be easy drinking and appeal to a wide variety of beer drinkers, Mav Lite is  the perfect every day beer.  Light hop aromas are followed by flavours of cereal grains and a touch of honey. A crisp  and clean finish is accompanied by a mild bitterness. Refreshing! 

Mav Paw (Strawberry Lemonade)

  ABV: 5%  Style: Hard Seltzer             

Mav Paw, our hard seltzer is made with premium ingredients and no artificial flavourings or colours.  Perfectly clear with a white head that fades and a subtle pink hue.  Crisp and clean, with a light hint of strawberry and lemon.

Mav Paw (Tangerine)

   ABV: 5%     Style: Hard Seltzer             

  Mav Paw, our hard seltzer is made with premium ingredients and no artificial flavourings or colours.  Perfectly clear with a white head that fades and an orange hue.  Crisp and clean, with a light hint of tangerine and citrus.


    ABV: 6.2Style: Coffee Porter        IBUs: 40

This porter was brewed with a mixture of specialty malts and a hefty dose of oats for body. During the final 48 hours of conditioning we added a huge dose of  Pilot Coffee’s Heritage Blend. The addition of the coffee beans adds a nice roasty aroma, as well as imparting notes of Caramel, Toffee, and a touch of nuttiness. The resulting beer is slightly sweet, medium bodied, and full of coffee flavour that’s reminiscent of a cold brew or iced coffee

Eau de Köln

  ABV: 5% Style: Kölsch-Style Ale          IBUs: 20

A traditional German Lagered Ale. Crisp and clean with notes of fruit (Apple, Pear, Apricot), with a balanced bitterness in the finish. 

Porch Pals

ABV: 3.5%  Style: Berliner Weisse          IBUs: 5

Porch Pals is a Berliner Weisse, a German-style wheat beer celebrated for its refreshing and tart qualities. With a pale straw to light gold appearance, this effervescent brew is characterized by a distinct sourness derived from lactic acid fermentation. Its light body is complemented by a crisp wheat malt base, and features subtle fruity notes of green apple and lemon.

Time Oat 

            ABV: 4.5%              Style: Oat Pale Ale          IBUs: 25

Time Oat is a fruity, crushable Oat Pale Ale. 60% of the grains used in the recipe are oats! Oats give the beer a soft and light texture. Generously hopped with Citra and Idaho 7 for notes of Mango, Papaya, and citrus (Lemon + Orange). At 4.5% abv this is great for the warmer weather! 

Heart of Tartness (5 Citrus)

ABV: 5.2% Style: Dry Hopped Sour w/Fruit  IBUs: 10

A Dry Hopped Sour Ale brewed with real Lemon, Lime, Orange, Tangerine, and Grapefruit. Reminiscent of your favourite childhood juice box, this sour ale is super tart and refreshing at the same time. Expect big, juicy citrus flavours with a substantial tartness.

Calcutta Gazzette

     ABV: 7%              Style: English IPA         IBUs: 50

An English IPA brewed with a selection of English Malt, and choice English Hops. Expect notes of Toffee, Biscuit, and Honey accompanied by Floral aromas. 

Black Magic 

     ABV: 5.5%              Style: Stout    IBUs: 35 

This stout has coffee and chocolate aromas with underlying caramel. On the palate, it includes notes of coffee, dark chocolate with molasses and a bit of burnt sugar sweetness to balance it out. It is full bodied with a balanced finish.

Tsar Wars  

     ABV: 8%              Style: Imperial Oatmeal Stout   IBUs: 35 

A big, bold, Imperial Stout. Notes of Chocolate, Coffee, Caramel wrapped up in a Lucious body make this a decedent drinking experience. 

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