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Canadian Journalists for Free Expression

CJFE monitors, defends and reports on free expression and access to information in Canada and abroad. We promote a free media as essential to a fair and open society. CJFE boldly champions the free expression rights of all people, and encourages and supports individuals and groups in the protection of their own and others’ free expression rights.The underlying philosophy behind our programs and campaigns is the belief that working together with other individuals and organizations makes all of our voices louder and more effective.

We have strong relationships at all levels of government, which allow us to engage directly in the parliamentary processes that can produce legislative change in our issue space. In 2016 alone, we participated in five consultations with the federal government, in the areas of access to information, national security, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the right to be forgotten and Canadian digital content. So far in 2017, we are working closely with Senators and Members of Parliament to pass press shield legislation (Bill S-231), and we continue to engage with the government on reforming Bill C-51. We have also worked closely with provincial and municipal governments in Ontario and elsewhere in Canada with similar goals.

Our relationship with government is buoyed by our active supporter base, which includes members of the media, activists, lawyers, politically-conscious students, business people, and the public at large. This supporter base continues to grow, doubling in each of the past two years, and represents a diverse range of political viewpoints and demographics. We also have strong relationships with media organizations, which not only enable us to understand their concerns and advocate for stronger press freedom, but also ensure we can effectively spread our message during advocacy campaigns and public outreach.


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LGBTQI2S Human Rights

Egale Canada was founded in 1995, and is Canada’s only national charity promoting lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex, queer, and Two Spirit (LGBTQI2S) human rights. Egale works to improve the lives of LGBTQI2S people in Canada and to enhance the global response to LGBTQI2S issues by informing public policy, inspiring cultural change, and promoting human rights and inclusion through research, education, and community engagement.

Egale’s vision is a Canada, and ultimately a world, without homophobia, biphobia, transphobia and all other forms of oppression so that every person can achieve their full potential, free from hatred and bias.



Clean water is one of the defining issues of our generation. Lake Ontario Waterkeeper represents a network of 1.8-million people in communities where access to clean water is limited or threatened. They teach water literacy and support grassroots efforts to combat beach closures, drinking water threats, and disappearing habitat. Their water protection flagship projects fuse science, culture, law and digital media in an attempt to preserve our water for Canadians and Americans alike. Please watch Waterkeeper’s video that speaks to the administrations unfortunate policies on the environment.



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